Digital Marketing and Influencers



The ‘90s kids’ will without a doubt know about the time where marketing was done mainly through television and newspaper agencies but now, it has been proven that these sort of marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be especially in the current digital age. Digital marketing has toppled the world ever since its inception. If you do not have an online presence, then do not expect your establishment to stand the test of time. Whether it is product based or service based, irrespective of the sector where your expertise expect to have the same in the digital realm, because it is something that is so common and unavoidable given the nature of success that it has proven to provide.

Techniques & Trends

Digital marketing techniques and trends can change on a monthly model and staying on top of this is what an ideal SEO service should be eyeing for. In fact if you take a closer look at many of the successful SEO digital marketing companies in technopark, you would know that they stay on top of the game because they are well aware of the ever changing trends that Google comes up with.


The current most popular and widely accepted digital marketing strategy is to make use of influencers. Even when we spoke about the yesteryears television and newspaper marketing most brands had a face to promote it, someone who has achieved a significant amount in their field. In our humble nation the top spots are mostly occupied by actors and sports personalities. This trend is universal and even now the same has not died out. In fact, according to recent reports, it shows that 49% of the users relied on recommendation from their influencers on Twitter before making a decision. The decision was not just limited to buying a product online or acquiring a service. It affected the decision of the common man in day to day activities such as taking a walk, cooking or going to the beach. Such drastic level of fandom is what the world has reached and to be very scientific it makes sense for the human brain to accept the words and recommendations of someone we look up to you for reasons that are unique to everyone. Influencers in SEO mean a little more than brand ambassadors because they provide a huge impact on your search engine ranking primarily due to the backlinks and internal links that they could create from higher authorities’ domains relevant to one’s site. This generates high traffic and also boosts your effort at building a quality link profile. The other added advantage of influencers is that they can provide intriguing and unique content that from a business model we would not have thought of.


With the right amount of market study, figuring about your target audience will be rather simple. Cherry-picking the best influencers for the respective sectors can bring about unprecedented amount of traffic to your site that when utilized effectively can help one’s business