Starting a business is so much different now than it was just a decade back. With respect to our humble nation competition has grown so fiercely. No matter in which section your interests lie, there are ample competitors that make sure you cannot take your eye off the price for even a moment.  It is such dog-eat-dog worlds that there are some traits that you need to most definitely instil for a successful growing business.

Digital Marketing

Primarily, your focus should lie in the field of digital marketing after all any business requires a marketing section and unlike yesteryears, the reach you will get from a digital platform is far better than what you could have otherwise gathered. Television, radio and Newspaper marketing are merely things of the past and if the reports are to go by they are extremely ineffective when based on the Expense –Profit ratio. The current 21st century revolves around social media and there are no two ways around it. Even if you personally are not a fan, it does not mean that the majority of the population is and that is a market you absolutely must grab without fail.


Studies show that most of the online sales are extremely dependent on the reviews. 90% of the online shoppers first check the product review before purchase. A detailed study shows how INFLUENCERS are the next big thing in digital marketing. If you think about it the reason why brand ambassadors were always used was because of their effectiveness. When you see someone so accomplished in their field recommending to you a product we genuinely see the product as a premier class, a cut of the same cloth as the endorser and naturally have a tendency to bite. This is a human phenomenon and it was used very effectively and even now extremely well implemented. One of the most important pieces of digital marketing that can be implemented is the use of influencers. When these extremely popular and influential citizens can spread awareness of your service or product then there is a higher chance that those who follow or look up to this person also takes attention to your market and thereby the reach increases sufficiently.

Market Study

There are influencers for different class and sectors and this is where the second point comes in which is Market Study. Understand where you need to promote yourself and to which crowd, geography and age it should be focused on. How beneficial and how often the need for your brand name would pop up in their heads. The time of jumping right into a project with sheer determination alone and hoping for success is a thing of the past because your competitors unlike you have actually given a good thought before jumping and it is always recommended to be smart rather than reckless.


We spoke of competition far too much to just let it dissolve among the words. It is very important to have one eye on the prize, but the other one should be dedicated to your competition. The first thought when you hear this should not be ‘sabotage’ but rather ‘improvement’; how your establishment can rise to reach the goal and if your competitor happens to be progressing faster than you figure out how they did it and try to implement the same and if possible something better.

Quality Service

Never compromise on your quality. Product-wise or service wise they should never be an adjustment on this behalf. No matter what market you reach and what mouth-watering offers you can provide, unless the service is good it will not last. Throughout history, there have been several names that have come up and as quickly forgotten purely because they did not live up to the quality promised. Even if everything else is perfect, from the customer’s perspective,  at the end of the day, they purchased from you to procure a particular functional use and if it is not as much as advertised or recommended then the obvious choice for them would be to move on to a better product.


Once you do to grab the attention of the general crowd make sure you retain it. The successful always say that climbing a ladder is easy but staying on top is the hard thing.  You need to ensure that the quality is spot on, there is no decline in service, your keywords remain on Google’s number one organic search list is and you are still attracting customers and not just relying on your old ones. This list goes on and there is an immense amount of truth in the saying ‘consistency is key’.


Last but by no means is the least – Teamwork, the wonders of working together for a common goal with the same drive and passion an unstoppable machine. The faster and more number of people you can find who shared this common goal and similar interest the better the chance of your success.