Digital Trends for the second half of 2019


Digital trends are changing every year and as a matter of fact marketing should be done so that it is always in a prime position to easily accommodate these changes rather than row against the flow. 2019 had seen several technologies rise up and similarly several high profile ones falling behind in the ladder. When we compare the trends with the first half of 2019 there are certain addition we would like to make to the second half as it seems to be slowly aligning itself to new possibilities.

Voice Search

According to latest reports and studies, 50% of all queries by 2020 will be voice based. Several top brands are now dedicating their R&D to deliver a more interactive voice based assistance for apps. It was quite natural that the SEO department has to make a natural language friendly approach to the market thereby leveraging the opportunities to deliver specific content to targeted personal.


The first introduction of chatbots was heavily criticized as it had very blatant faults and limited use. Fast forwarding half a decade and now it provides aninteractive feature that allows for improved customer service and a rather direct engagement between the market shares and the audience. The numbers are clear proof as in 2014, 31 trillion messages were recorded in the World Wide Web through chatbots but by 2019 it has crossed over 100 trillion.

Augmented Reality

 While it's true that augmented reality has existed for well over 50 years it gained worldwide acknowledgement only after the release of popular mobile application Pokémon GO. Ever since then, almost all service based as well as product based firms have incorporated A R into their systems. It was also proven to be more interactive and boasted better user retention numbers.

Artificial Intelligence

 It makes sense that if you have a machine capable of anticipating future probable market patterns and devicing strategies and systems so as to benefit the most from these fluctuations you will definitely make use of it and that is exactly why according to technological experts artificial intelligence is said to penetrate into every known field by the end of 2020. This includes sensitive sectors such as banking, finance, accounting and even intellectual jobs such as teaching.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of, if not the, most important marketing trend today and likely for the next 5-10 years.  Going by statistics, 72% of product and service based businesses say video has improved their conversion rate. 70% of consumers have watched almost all of their favorite  brand’s video and 52% of those who do end up making a purchase.


It need not be explicitly implied that the future of digital marketing is definitely being transformed by technology. Every day we come up with different techniques so as to enjoy a truly personalized experience and provide more interaction with the audience. Strategies and trends in the current 21st century, complete will always be coupling with high-tech Internet-connected era and we have to keep up with it if we need to make it to the top.