What Is Bounce Rate In SEO?

Bounce rate is one of SEO’s most underestimated and under-valued metric. But, what does SEO bounce rate mean and why is it important? Put simply, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who open a website and leave before spending an amount of time that is considered to be significant by the search engine.

In terms of SEO, the word “bounce” means that a user searches Google to find your site through specific keyword searches, but clicks the “back” button on his/her browser immediately(within a specific time frame that is not defined by Google), hence taking the searcher back to the Google listings.

Why does it matter?

It matters because Google is interpreting user actions on a massive scale.It is said that a user bounces when there is no engagement with the landing page and the visit ends in a single-page visit.Bounce rates can be used as a metric to determine the quality of a webpage along with the quality of your audience, which means whether they fit the purpose of your site or not.

To calculate the bounce rate, Google Analytics collects all sessions where a visitor only visits one page and divides it by all sessions.A high bounce rate can be interpreted in several ways. It can mean that the quality of the page is low and there is nothing important to engage with.The target audience does not match the purpose of the page as they will not engage with your page. It could also mean that the visitors have found the information they were looking for.

How to lower high bounce rates?

Increasing the engagement on your page is a good way of lowering your bounce rate.As far as traffic bounce rates are concerned, the ones with high bounce rates need to look at the expectations of the visitors coming to your site from the sources. Suppose if you run an ad on another website and the majority of people coming to your website through that ad bounce, then you are putting their expectations low. You should carefully go through the ad you are running and see whether it matches the page you are showing. However, if your page has a higher bounce rate despite living up to the expectation of your visitors, then you can have a look at the page itself. You then have to see whether you have internal links that point to relate pages or posts. On a whole, take necessary measures to optimize your page.


The bounce rate of your website is the metric which is used to analyze your marketing efforts.It can be used to measure whether you are living up to your visitors’ expectations.Therefore, meeting your visitors’ expectations and making your pages more informative and attractive will definitely create a wonderful website.

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