Page Speed and Its Impact On Your Site

It is a stated fact that the speed of your web page impacts the ranking of your website.It talks about the time a visitor has to wait until the page is completely loaded.Studies reveal that on an average, e-commerce websites take 7 seconds to load, while the ideal load time is around 3 seconds or less than that.This will also impact your audience’s user experience. A terrible user experience will cost a loss of revenue if your audience has to wait too long to get what they are looking for.On the whole, a slow loading page is penalized by search engines and also impacts your ranking, both on mobile and desktop devices.

Factors that lower the speed of your web page

Sometimes, a cheap offer made by your host provider can damage your page speed. It is therefore beneficial for you to pick the right host to fit your business size.If you have large images in your website that are too heavy to load, then it can really lower your page speed.More often than not, it is due to the extra data included in the comments or a lack of compression. External media such as videos can also lower your load time. To solve this issue, host the videos on your own server. Additionally, unoptimized browsers, plugins and apps can seriously lower the speed of your web page.Sometimes, multiple ads can slow down the performance of your site. High designed themes, widgets and inefficient or dense code can also lower the speed of your page.

Tools to use to improve the load time

Several tools are available online that can be used to improve the page speed or simply see how the website is working.

Tools like Page Speed Insight, Webpage Test, YSlow, YUI Compressor and OnCrawl can be used to check and improve the performance of your page.



Lower loading speed can have an adverse impact on both your website and SEO rankings. It can also drive away the targeted audience from your website, thereby causing a loss in the revenue.

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