Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This begs the question: How much more valuable is video? This is why video marketing is moving forward and is developing strategies that create engaging videos for your marketing campaigns.

Video marketing strategies help in building customer rapport that will help you in promoting your brand, the services you have to offer and the products you develop.

The working of video marketing

On the outside, video marketing appears quite easy, where your brand creates videos which will help you promote your company, drive sales, raise awareness of your products, services and also engage your customers.However, in reality, it is much more difficult than this. Similar to many of our marketing strategies, video marketing is driven by data and you have to monitor several metrics and also track the engagement of the customers.

To create a well-though marketing strategy, you need to:

  • Allocate Resources: Set aside a budget for your videos and buy decent equipment, good software for video editing and a well-versed video marketing team.
  • Storytelling and Engagement: Telling stories and creating engaging content is a crucial part of video marketing.
  • Keep it short and sweet: You do not have definite rule regarding the length of the video you are creating, but it is advisable to keep the video short and to the point.
  • Publish and Analyze: Publish your video and try promoting it as much as you can. You need to analyze your video content by keeping track of metrics and stats.


Benefits of video marketing

There are thousands of examples of video marketing out there on the internet.You can see them on your Facebook, Youtube homepage and video marketing has found its way into your minds. So, what exactly are the benefits of video marketing?

  • Creating videos will help you connect with your target audience.Video enables you to showcase who you really are to your customers.
  • Video also helps in your SEO marketing as there are chances of providing you with backlinks, boost your likes and shares and so much more.
  • Creating videos will also increase the possibilities of enhanced information retention.
  • It has also been studied that after watching a video, customers are 64-85% more likely to purchase your products.



The success of your video marketing boils down to the strategy you implement.To yield more results, you need to plan, test, analyze and test again. The main objective of your video should be to expose your audience to engaging and quality content. If that objective is met, then money will start flowing in before you know it!