Chatbots And Their Benefits

Chatbots are what is the current day buzz in the digital marketing sector. They are a program, powered by rules and AI, which simulates a real interaction with users via a chat interface. From an application point of view, the purpose of chatbots is simply to scale business to improve their relationship with the customers. While chatbots may seem like something from science fiction when it was present for a pretty long time and we have been making use of it as well. In fact index statistics show that 75% of internet users adopt one or more chatbot platforms.


  1. The benefits chatbots providers are 24/7 availability. Gone are the days where we have to wait for a respective employee to meet us with our issue. In the current 21st century, we have lost your patience and the need to wait for an answer is in fact beneath us. The use of chatbots is the only means by which we can ensure that all queries get immediate responses. They can be programmed to solve a wide variety of common issues faced and the steps that can be employed to rectify the problem. Combine chatbots with machine learning and artificial intelligence and you have technology that can handle customers to their preferences.
  2. Even in its most basic of functions, it can still assist in the automation of repetitive work. There will always be this mechanical work that does not require much skill but enough time nevertheless, chatbots could be used to automate this so that human time could be used in more innovative aspects.
  3. Perfection in personalization is what every sector is aiming towards because which human does not want their online experience to be what they consider the best. Humans are indeed emotional creatures and it is very plausible that a talk with the agent could change his current mood. One needs to consider the agent and his mood as well. There are far too many factors to be cautious about in the above mentioned traditional model and therefore having a chatbot address the issue is one way to ensure human
  4. If you are a business owner, the monetary aspect would definitely be of concern and therefore you need to weigh the fact that making use of chatbots is a onetime investment that is proven to help businesses work more efficiently and reduce down on the staff required. After all it makes sense implementing a full functioning chatbot, to creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees for each task.


With the advancements of AI, NLP and machine learning, Chatbots are becoming more and more intelligent, This is an obvious and basic fact truth and the potential of these tools is incredible There is no doubt that running a successful business requires you to make use of chatbots as productive as possible. A survey ran by Business Insider show that 80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020.