Tourism Guide

To administer and assign qualified and competent guides to spectate tourist destinations is possible only if there is a standard yardstick to judge their mettle. Three Seas Infologics, under the supervision and guidance of State Resource Centre, Kerala has initiated an MHRD approved Diploma & Certification Course on Tourism Guide. The course will aim to educate the professionals and those interested in a variety of tourism related topics, which will be extremely beneficial to the graduate prospects to excel in their line of work. The course aims to develop study materials highlighting the importance and the merits of an adept course laying the foundation and covering all advancements of the tourism industry in the state of Kerala. These study materials will be conceived after thorough analysis of the different tourist destinations portraying their merits and providing a study report on the possible means to root away their demerits. These featuring changes will prove to increase the financial status of these notable stations.

This number would include various fields including Airlines, Hotels, Motels and Resorts, Cruise Industry etc. This certificate course in Tourism Guides aims at building a new line of bright individuals capable of tackling any and all new strategies that might arise in the modern era as well as new aspirants so that they have necessary knowledge and understanding and skills to plan, manages, implement and document developmental activities to facilitate the new scheme. Kerala state), English and in Arabic so that the program (after due adaptation) can be taken up (through the federal facilitation by the National Literacy Mission) for implementation by the other states of India where there is also high need for training of capable tourist guides Based on the quality of the program resources, it can be taken up for implementation by other Commonwealth Developing Countries (CDC) having similar community development interests. The English and Arabic version of the materials is available as OER.