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Three Seas group was started in the year 1971 and has provided outstanding contributions in the field of export and import business across India. The group has a rich history of accomplishing memorable milestones in various facets of international business and information exchange. Threeseas has overtime divided into its two main subsidiaries - Three Seas Infologics and Three Seas Medical and Surgical Pvt Ltd.

Three Seas Medical and Surgical pvt ltd has transformed into Meditour, which has grown into a top player in Kerala’s medical tourism. Meditour aims to remodel the conventional medical standards with advanced technology and innovative research. Meditour has been successful in modifying the various sectors of medicine so as to make hassle free medical treatment available to its patients.

Three Seas has contributed to the IT education in Kerala, through a flagship program in SEO and digital marketing, in collaboration with MHRD (Ministry of human resource development) and certified by Keltron. The inauguration of this program was done in Travancore hall, Techno Park under the commencement of former governor Hon. Shri Justice P Sathasivam. The course was widely welcomed across the state and has created many new job opportunities since. Our experts conduct seminars and coaching sessions in institutions to train the students and the program is widely recognised across the colleges in Kerala.
Our next academic venture was a program titled `Digital Financial Literacy’ which hosted awareness sessions on government policies and digital finance options available for rural citizens as well as enabling various mechanisms of digital financial services such as such as IMPS, UPI, Bank PoS machines etc. The program was successful in raising new awareness about digital financial services and a cashless economy to its audience.

Three Seas has a stellar record in designing, developing and deploying high performing websites and web portals for many organizations within the country and abroad. Some of our portfolios include nBook, a4auto, MahalSoft and much more. Nbook is Kerala’s very first map based real estate web portal which allows transparency and hassle free transactions for dealings. A4auto is an automobile web portal with all the latest and relevant information in the automotive world and has won many titles like 'Website of the Year 2013’,'Best Car Website' and `Most Popular Website in Kerala. Our SEO and digital marketing ventures has helped many websites reach and maintain the top position in search engine rankings. We have and continue to collaborate with bodies like SRC, NSDC (National skill Developments Corporation), NORKA, IIB education etc.

Here at Three Seas, we believe that every customer deserves the best value of services moulded from their unique perspectives of desires and requirements. Our partnership with clients is not just for success rates, but for building a long lasting value of business. We absorb our motivation from the trust our clients have in us and will stop at nothing from delivering excellent performance that fulfils this trust.
This is our story

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We strive to make an impact in the business world with a mixture of rampant innovation and rich creativity. Our solutions aim to keep up with the derivatives of top level industry standards.


Our vision is to drive growth in the digital era by staying true to the values of business conduct and contribute through creative technological solutions.


To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

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Our goal is to revolutionise the field of IT and software services to provide optimal results for our client base.


To be a key player in the IT and software services and continue building the trust of our clients.


We adhere to our core values of integrity, transparency and hard work and let them guide us in our ventures. We find our growth through creativity and are loyal to the ethics of business.

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