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Ingenious UI & UX Consulting Services

Helping businesses to create software solutions that render immersive and intuitive user experience

We craft ideal experiences that make everyone happy

Intuitive user interfaces that bridge the flow of application and user experience.

Understanding User Behavior

  • The key to unlockingan exceptional user experience is understanding user behavior. We follow a scientific approach that involves user research,feedback from all stakeholders to understand user behavior. We categorize the preferences of different kinds of users and create a user persona which acts as a base while making each UX decision.

UX Ideation

  • We craft information architecture, process flows, and user interface design with special emphasis on optimizing human-computer interaction. Outlining and prioritizing tasks on each page/view through visual cues like color, size, and white space, we help you create a cohesive system that smoothly channelizes users towards actions.

UI Design

  • Strategically implementing the principles defined during the UX ideation, our designers craft aesthetic and elegant interfacesfor your web, native and hybrid applications with visually stunning design.We give special emphasis on branding, usability, and function to deliver a pleasant experience to the end-users while they interact with the application.

Our UI&UX Consulting Process


The needs and goals of the project have to be specific and unambiguous to design the perfect solution. We begin with understanding the business goals and usability goals. At this point, we also define the best technologies and digital infrastructure for the solution to achieve a smooth and uninterrupted performance.


We analyze the target audience or end users to find commonalties in their preferences. Based on the insight we gain from the UX researches, we prove and disprove various assumptions about what causes good UX and what makes poor UX. We also study your competitors to learn about their UX strengths and weakness and latest UX design trends to exploit them for your advantage.


We create an ideal user persona that represents the common preferences and behavior of most end users which acts as a base for each UX decision process. The information architecture is designed in a way to distribute the information in a coherent way and create a natural flow between the elements, components and views. Our UX designers also create sketches for the components and illustrations to provide guidelines to the UI designers.

Hire a UI&UX Consultant

Hire top-notch UI&UX design experts from our team to deliver creative and strategic user-experience and design solutions that bridge your business goals and user needs.
  • Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring
  • Daily/weekly reporting
  • Daily/weekly code delivery
  • Flexible office hours depending on your time zone
  • Source code authorization
  • Complete control over the developer
  • Stay connected all time
  • Avant-garde infrastructure and development environment
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Agile workflow
work with us

Hiring Models

We offer our clients to choose the best appropriate
hiring model which suit their business needs.

Dedicated Team

  • A dedicated team who understand your product and company values put full-time commitment towards the work for large projects.
  • Payment based on work performed
  • Transparency
  • Team save money and time
  • Monthly billing
  • No setup fees
  • 160 hrs of guaranteed production every month for part & full time

Fixed Price Model

  • A fixed pricing model guarantees a fixed budget for the project regardless of the time and expenses.
  • Payment based on Project
  • No hidden charges
  • No setup fees
  • Free from project management
  • One time billing


  • Hourly earnings for business vary by the types of businesses they lead. An average estimation of hourly wages is based on annual earnings.
  • Payment based on work performed
  • No hidden charges
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
  • Work hours are decided as per project requirement

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