Django Development Company

Power your multi-platform web app solutions requiring robust back-ends with Python Django. We help businesses to build robust and scalable web application rapidly utilizing the Django framework and ecosystem.

Bespoke Django Development Services

Complete Django services for building highly modular and scalable
web applications with complex architecture and API-driven backend

Custom Django Development

Handling everything from ideation to delivery, we build powerful and complex web applications quickly from scratch with enhanced security measures.

Backup & restoration

We help businesses with streamlining and automatingthe regular backup of databases to prevent devastating data loss and restoring data when required.

Web Services and API

Leverage Django to power your web and mobile applications and add extra functionalities by integrating various secure and stable web services via APIs.

Migration & upgrading

Seamless transferring of your app from existing tech stack to Django environment and modernization of Django apps from legacy versions to the latest.

Database auditing

Complete database auditing services for ensuring compliance and security. We also help you with configuring real-time monitoring and alert systems.

Database optimization

After identifying the issues that slow down the database and surrounding IT infrastructure, we fix them to improve performance and efficiency.

Why is Three Seas Infologics is the Right Django Development Company for Your Product Development?

Infusing Avant-garde technologies and the expertise of our brilliant team,
we develop and deploy robust applications that help
enterprise businesses to bring revolutionary changes in their organization and disrupt the market.


Ground-breaking digital solution with novel approaches to solving your business needs and tackle challenges by infusing cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas.


With a sense of responsibility, we provide round the clock technical support and maintenance services for our clients to ensurethe smooth functioning of their IT systems.


We follow an agile development methodology ensuring iterative yet rapid development of the solution and the collaboration and effective communication among all stakeholders.


We work closely with our clients to prepare the perfect IT plan by evaluating the limitations of the current IT system and figuring out the best ways to leverage technology for growth.


Strong competence and solid experience in creating and deliveringtop-notch and revolutionarydigital solutions to help industry-leading businesses tomake a difference.


We are trusted by top players in various industry verticals for developing and deploying avant-garde digital solutions that help them to be at the top of their game.

Why is Django Development a Smart Investment?

With the strong foundation and extreme flexibility offered by Django,
it makes building robust and complex software, applications and IT systems easier.
Learn why Django is one of the most preferred and recommended Python framework.


Django makes integrating a wide range of features to the app easier. It comes with several add-ons that help developers to quickly add functionalities and handle common development tasks effortlessly.

Exceedingly Scalable

Django is highly flexible and designed with scalability in mind to meet future requirements and traffic demands. It makes the horizontal and vertical scaling up of digital solutions rapid and hassle-free.

Faster time to the market

Django framework helps developers to take the Python application from concept to deployment ridiculously fast. It helps you to deploy the solution quickly without compromising the quality.
Frequenty Asked Question

Got Any Questions?

I have no idea about my mobile app requirements and technologies. Will you help me?

Absolutely, our expert consultants will help you to define your app requirements and prepare a comprehensive plan for the application. We will also give you a proposal that contains the project scope, plan, technologies, budget, and other relevant details.

Get More Help
  • I don’t have much idea about IT technologies. Can you help me?

    Yes, we can help you with identifying and designing the best IT system for your business needs. We have brilliant consultants to evaluate your requirements, challenges, existing IT system, competition, and opportunities to come up with a groundbreaking solution.

  • Is there a dedicated project manager?

    Yes, there will be a dedicated project manager to coordinate the Django development project. He/she ensure collaboration and efficient communication among all stakeholders. He/she is also responsible for updating you with the progress of the project regularly and conveying your feedback with the relevant team.

  • Is there any hidden fee?

    Absolutely not.There are no hidden fees in our services. The contract is signed with an agreed price, requirements and timeline. The final product will be delivered for the agreed price within the agreed time.

  • Will you help me if I want to make some changes to the product after the launch?

    We provide free technical support for 15 days. It covers bug fixing and making small changes. However, you may need to pay an additional amount for making bigger changes.

  • Do you offer hourly hiring?

    Yes, we offer dedicated developers on an hourly basis. It is helpful if you need top-notch Djangodevelopers with extensive experience to fill the gap in your team or meet temporary needs. You can choose the perfect Django developer from our team based on their experience and skillset and you will have complete control over the developer.The payment is based on the number of hours they work for you.

work with us

Hiring Models

We offer our clients to choose the best appropriate
hiring model which suit their business needs.

Dedicated Team

  • A dedicated team who understand your product and company values put full-time commitment towards the work for large projects.
  • Payment based on work performed
  • Transparency
  • Team save money and time
  • Monthly billing
  • No setup fees
  • 160 hrs of guaranteed production every month for part & full time

Fixed Price Model

  • A fixed pricing model guarantees a fixed budget for the project regardless of the time and expenses.
  • Payment based on Project
  • No hidden charges
  • No setup fees
  • Free from project management
  • One time billing


  • Hourly earnings for business vary by the types of businesses they lead. An average estimation of hourly wages is based on annual earnings.
  • Payment based on work performed
  • No hidden charges
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
  • Work hours are decided as per project requirement

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